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09:32am 19/06/2007
  I've been offered a credit card limit increase to $4000. (possibly because at the moment I never have enough owing to end up paying interest and therefore they aren't making any money out of me)

I think I should decline.

However the little voice in the back of my head 'well it would be useful if' but.. I should decline. Its dangerous enough as it is!

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11:44am 11/06/2007
mood: Shopaholic

I can't seem to keep myself in the positive, money-wise. Damn you credit cards.

On the other hand, hellooo new dresses *prance*

And cuddly knitted things *wears them and snuggles self*

I don't know how much longer I can hold off on buying myself diamonds from work.. the lure.. is just.. so great..

But yah, last exam* was last thursday, now I have one week off** before winter school starts. That goes for 6 weeks, then 1 week of exam period immediately following, then the very next week after that, semester 2 starts. No holidays for me. Hopefully over summer break I will be able to do some sort of work experience. Or short courses or sthn.

*for now
**today off and work every day the next week

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08:28am 29/05/2007
  It's so great when my paranoia is completely unfounded/unjustified. :D

Exam now D:

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04:54am 29/05/2007
  Ever woken in the middle of the night with an unfounded yet unshakeable feeling of dread, and can't get back to sleep?

Why must this happen while my boyfriend is on a plane, and I have an exam in 4 hours (and currently at only 5 hours sleep and feel like throwing up because I'm so tired)..

It's not like I was having scary dreams. I was back at PLC (well ok, not so great) but it was morning tea time and I was at the canteen trying to decide what to have.. had finally decided on the chocolate cream filled donut man.. I find it odd that every time I dream about the school canteen (it happens reasonably often) it has the same layout but that is nothing like the real one. Prices are accurately high, though.

I'd like to just fall back asleep now.. and maybe eat my donut man. Except, maybe thats why I wake up. I dream of food all the time. I don't ever dream of eating it. Usually wake up frustrated just as I'm about to put it in my mouth.

3 hours till I get to confirm that my bad premonition = nothing.

Must get back to sleep and not fail exam..

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03:39pm 28/05/2007
  I hate it when I have too much time to do nothing, but not quite enough time to do something. Like now, for example. I finished my exam early, so I now have 50 mins to kill before getting ready for work. It's long enough to be boring, but not quite long enough to actually be productive. I want to go to the gym, but I'd a work out about 15 mins, not worth it. I suppose.. I could.. vacuum... *ugh*  

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10:50pm 26/05/2007
  Was so cold at work tonight (stood outside on the bar for about 4 hours all up, in stockings and shirtsleeves, no jumper because they didn't bother to call me before hand and let me know) that my brain went a bit funny. Was talking about exams and said something to the other girl about only having to get x% to be still able to get an extinction. Hahahah it was funny.

Also had an opportunity to get a bag of the new dark chocolate maltesers that aren't in stores yet (that I know of). I didn't take them tho, was more strongly drawn to mint choc pods.

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12:51pm 26/05/2007
  For someone who is trying to lose fat/tone up I am sure eating way too much cheese. But it is so delicious. I am helpless in its path, unable to resist.

Also, I am bad at studying. I have 2 days to study for 2 exams, and so far I have read 4 powerpoint dotpoint slides in about 3.5 hours. There is just too much to distract me on the internet.

I miss my boy... 3 days to go! But he arrives home during one of my exams! Urk. Concentration will be at an all time low. I'd like to say I'm not that pathetic, but I am! He has been away for 5 weeks though.

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08:24pm 22/05/2007
  Today, an automatic sliding door chomped me. I have feared this for a long long time. And it finally happened. It hurt :(  

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09:58pm 18/05/2007
  I extended a public kindness today by offering a woman who was crying on the train a tissue. Which she rejected. For some reason I was a little upset with her and felt slightly humiliated. Strange brain.  

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10 things yada yada   
10:24am 18/05/2007
  Hm not sure if I can come up with 10, most ppl know everythin about me!

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I have a dent in my right thigh and I don't know where it came from
2. I only did one week of grade 2
3. I aim to be a multi millionaire by 30, and have no idea how
4. My most wasteful purchase ever was a floor length purple gothic/medieval gown that was too big for me
5. I wish my name was Katrina
6. I have been known to eat an entire block of cheese in about 5 minutes
7. I have never had a favourite song/band/artist!!!
8. I have a permanent bump on the top of my head from a mcdonalds playground
9. The bone in my chin is round on one side and square on the other
10. I lied about my age to get my belly button pierced when I was 14

Well there we go. You know the drill. Cut and Paste.

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09:29pm 17/05/2007
  Don't assume that if it is a dark and rainy night, there will not be parking inspectors dishing out hefty fines.


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08:04pm 15/05/2007
  Theres a google ad in gmail for 'the cruelty free shop' that delivers vegan and cruelty-free products direct to your door.

And I can't help thinking, right, and when you stop ordering from them, they'll know that you're being cruel now, and since they have your address, they'll come and get you.

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06:53pm 15/05/2007
  awwwww muffin cubes  

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08:03pm 08/05/2007
  I've been wondering for ages where I recognised this song "Suddenly I See" from, thats been playing on the radio alot recently. I thought, perhaps its from devil wears prada? No, perhaps not. Perhaps its from ugly betty? No, perhaps not.

Turns out its from both.

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08:07pm 01/05/2007
  You just don't realise how domesticated you've become until you find yourself thinking things like, how nice it is to have a brand new mop.


On an unrelated note I've started doing personal training at the gym and its really good. But depressingly expensive.

Also I want to buy a house damnit. (This cause is not aided by paying for training. But that should only be a temporary thing).

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07:05pm 30/04/2007
  I'm really struggling to resist the temptation of spending $10 on a mice cube tray.



I know I don't need it (I mean, who does) and yet...

Here it is on an american eshop http://www.perpetualkid.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=1851

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11:55am 28/04/2007
mood: sad
Alex is away for 5 weeks and I don't know what I'm going to do without him. I'm so sappy and pathetic, really. Got a counter on my phone that say 35 days to go. And when he gets back he's moving in. I'm so happy about that but so intensely sad that he isn't here now, so scared that something terrible will happen and he won't come back. He left yesterday morning and I think last night was one of the worst sleeps I've ever had. But he's arrived safely, 24 hours, 2 plane flights since he left. It was really weird to think yesterday after work, that during all the things I'd done that day, he was still sitting in the same seat. I'm glad I wasn't sitting in the same seat. I would be damn fidgety. His computer is opposite mine in the study but it's weird that he's not using it. All I want to do to cheer myself up is go shopping. But I promised that I wouldn't, since I don't have any money. Speaking of money though, job is going pretty well. A few of my friends have been getting amazing jobs recently though. They are really on the way somewhere, to being someone, doing something important. I hope they don't forget me when they get there. I hope I'm not the one left drowning in mediocrity when everyone I know is famous and/or rich. I want to be that person.

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unknown movies   
12:54pm 26/04/2007
  I need to know who I went with to these movies :

The Pursuit of Happiness on the 4th of Feb,
Miss Potter on the 19th of Feb
The Illusionist on the 4th of March

Please let me know if you are the person who saw these movies with me, or if for some strange reason you know who it was.

The reason is I keep all the ticket stubs and stick them in a book and write who I saw it with. However I have a pile of tickets from mid jan to now that I haven't done and don't remember.

I KNOW IM A LOSER but please aid my peace of mind O.o

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09:13am 03/04/2007


I could watch that over and over for days....

More PURE CUTECollapse )

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11:58am 29/03/2007

outrageous! hahahhaa.

seriously. you must read this.

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