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Where Zandies run.. uh.. nevermind

The Green Pixie.
13 August
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~:: Groping blindly in the dark for that elusive sandwich bag ::~

Well, I'm a bit of a jack of all trades. Art, poetry and prose can be found here.
Short stories and potential novels here.
And the fact that I'm a sellout here. Just because people are interested in joining original settings. Hnf.

And it might be easiest to describe me by quoting things I say often. If I can remember them.

"I was going to say something but I've forgotten.."

"Now, what was I saying? It must have been something, it usually is.."

"Hey, I had the weirdest dream..."

"I'm psychic."

"...Shoot them."



Webcomics: I read: Dragon Tails, DMFA, Ctrl Alt Del, Megatokyo, Whiteninja, 8bit theatre, Queen of Wands, Filthy Lies

Colours!: Black, purple, silver, blood red, forest green
.egyptian bananas, acting, aestheticism, androgyny, art, australia, beaches, bikes, black and white photographs, black tie affairs, bladed playing cards, blood, blue hair, blues, books, boots, boys, boys wearing eyeliner, cafes, candles/candlelight, cats, celtic interlace, chains, characters, cheese, city lights, city streets at night, cooking, corsets, coves, cube, cynicism, dancing, dappled light, daydreaming, deja vu, donnie darko, dorian gray, drinking rain, early morning, elegance, eloquence, eyes, fantasy, fedoras, fiction, fires/firelight, flirting, foccacias, food, freshly cracked pepper, full text roleplay, games, garlic/garlic bread, girls, grammar, graphics, hiking, honesty, hugs, icecream, intelligence, jack sparrow, jackets, jazz, kittens, knives, laughter, lunch with friends, lust, masquerade, melbourne, mirror shades, money, monty python, moonlight, music, musicals, mythology, new zealand, night, ninja pirates, ninjas, not working, old books, old money, old photos, open fields, open fires, oxymorons, pagan gods, pentagrams, personality, philosophy, photography, pie-rates, piercings, pin-ups, pirates, pocky, poetry, polyamory, potato, pretty boys, pretty things, procrastination, psychology, punching walls, punctuation, rain, reading, roleplaying, rpgs, sarcasm, satire, seduction, sensuality, sepia tone, shadows, shiny things, showers, singing, skin in half-light, snow, stupid puns, sunsets, swimming, swimsuits, swing, tasty savoury snacks, tattoos, the beach, the little prince, the ocean, theatre, things that sparkle, throwing stuff at people, trenchcoats, trifle, truth, vampires, verbal imagery, vintage clothing, wasting time, water, webcomics, winter, wit, words, writing